About Us

HEF-Hefeng Bathroom was established in 1997, we are a factory dedicated to integrating R&D, production and sales of high-quality and complementary products.

We have high quality, modern design and practical bathroom solutions at the best prices.  For large and small rooms, even for difficult spaces we still have the right products and suitable solutions for you. HEF makes your bathroom personalized and unique.

Our products are exported to all over the world and marketed in the US, Europe, Middle East and other countries, over the years we have developed customers around the world. In this time, the factory has grown to become a leading supplier in sanitary wares filed.

With HEF, we offer many customized, practical solutions for bathroom decoration. The decoration meets all quality requirements. Bathtubs, massage spa system, shower enclosures, bathroom cabinets, bathroom accessories and fittings - you will find them all at HEF - Always !